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6 Amazing Beach Hijab Outfit Ideas for Your Next Holiday


Muslim women are no opposite when they also yearn to spend summer holidays by the beach— drinking soft drinks, admiring blue waves and breathtaking sunsets. Won’t you dive in for a little more swim then? For Muslim women, back in those years, it was futile to dream of full-cover swimwear– that looks fashionable and adheres to their religious values. Modest swimwear for women, especially Muslims, was always a mystery until designers created a new clothing line called ‘modest fashion’. 

Modest swimwear is an established fashion sensation by now. It is designed for women as well as men. Modest swimwear usually covers the whole body and looks stylish. They are less exposed than typical swimwear. 

Clothing line that widely sways modest fashion trends is burkinis. Burkini is a swimsuit that covers whole body parts including hands, feet, but not the face. It resembles a wetsuit and swimming cap.

6 Amazing Beach Hijab Outfit Ideas for Your Next Holiday

Coming up with hijab, wearing hijab at the beach is cool— you do not have to wear layers of scarves. The best advice is to wrap one scarf in a simple way. You can cutely wrap a nice turban as well. Here are 6 amazing beach hijab outfit ideas for your next holiday 

Denim Jacket on Skirts 

Nothing strikes more than wearing Hijab pairing Denim jackets and skirts. It can protect you from the harsh sun on the beach. 

Modest Beachwear with Accessories 

You are very much allowed to wear modest beachwear with accessories such as hats, sunglasses, belts etc. Belt spice up your look and also lower sunburn. 

Wearing hijab with accessories looks attractive and having a hijab can help prevent sunburn especially for those who are easily exposed to sunburn. 

Beach Cover-Up Paying Hijab

Beach cover-up is always suitable for beachside— whether it is a party or occasional vacation. They normally come in various sizes, shapes, lengths, fabrics and fits. They easily match to maxi, short, spaghetti strap, and a lot. According to your style intention, you can choose from many options. 


Kimono jackets are the perfect beach material that never fails to offer unique and powerful beach statements. Kimono jackets are super modest, easy to wear and compatible with all body shapes. They come with fringes and thus give a nice bohemian style. 

Wear Maxi Dresses

You can wear your favorite maxi dress which is an ideal modest beach outfit all time. You can wear maxi dresses with slippers, wedges, or heels. Maxies are available in different variants such as plain, pattern, or multicolored style. 

Tips: You can add a pair of sunshades to protect your eyes from the sun. You can even wear flip flops for the absolute beach look. 


How can we miss burkinis? Burkinis are comfortable to wear and come in various color variations. Make sure you pick high quality, elastic, durable and quick-drying fabric. 

Bonus tips:

  • Pick a light and breathable outfit when going to the beach.
  • Carry your beach straw bag, flat comfy sandals, and sunglasses in big size.
  • Bring your sunburn cream or a big straw hat. 

If you’re looking for the most comfortable and stylish burkini online then you can find a unique and classy swimwear burkini at Surlamer. Our burkinies come with inside linen and back zipper that gives you maximum comfortability.

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