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Hijab Swimming Suit: A new Form of Discovery in The Modest Fashion Segment


Lately, a new kind of trend is rooted in the fashion world that revolves around hijab, adored Muslim attire. Fashion-aholic signifies the trend as ‘hijab fashion’. It discovers that ‘hijab fashion’ is tremendously fueled by the idea of ’modest fashion’. According to designers, this new wave of modest fashion never intended to hurt Islamic sentiments on dresses. 

According to admirers of hijab, they rather accept ‘hijab’ as a fashion trend, but a way of life and a symbol of deep religious sentiment. This proves the 21st century is transformative and evolutionary for global fashion. 

The latest ‘hijab fashion’, which basically associates wearing hijab with varied outfits, is adopted by women all over the world. You may not be surprised to see non-muslims adopting hijab style with Street-cred Denim.

Hijab Swimming Suit: A new Form of Discovery In The Modest Fashion Segment

The same hijab trend also developed in the early years. Now, it has quite effortlessly debuted into the swimwear manufacturers. The demand for hijab swimming suits lures Muslim-country fashion designers for its production. 

Hijab swimming suits, also called burkini, are finished up by keeping modesty in the first concern. Maybe it is the reason why non-muslims exposed to burkini. The modesty shows in a hijab swimming suit while it covers the whole body (except the face, hands, and feet). Being light in its design, it offers the same cozy vibes of wearing wetsuits or swimming caps.

The Coolness Of Hijab Swimming Suit

The coolness of a hijab swimming suit lies in comfort— irrespective of size. No matter whether you are too chubby or skinny, you are always good to choose the perfect swimming suit. Nonetheless, you can grab your ideal design according to your swimming appearance— three pieces, hoodie, top, and trousers. 

Hijab swimming suits are 100% UV protected because they cover the whole body. Thus, they prevent you from the sun’s deadly rays. It means you do not have to fear sunburn even after rigorous scuba diving or snorkeling for hours. 

Being so much light in nature, hijab swimwear suits are super comfortable to wear. The comfort level is extraordinarily twice when it is made of high-quality material. 

Hijab swimming suits are super-easy to clean— just hand wash both sides with cold water and keep it dry. It will become as fresh as you bought it today.

What’s Your Thought On This Sunny Day— Find Yourself Confused About Hijab Beachwear?

The sun is burning and your next idea is to spend your holidays near the beach. Pack your bags and make yourself comfortable with Surlamer’s exclusive burkinis of best patterns, textures, and colors. 

Our collection of half and full-covered hijab beach wears is planned to offer your liking with different models. You have the ultimate flexibility of choosing affordable burkinis. 

Surlamer is a swimwear brand that has a mission to meet the needs of Muslim women. Our collection gives Muslim women a fashionable beach strange while elevating their personal and conservative style.

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