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Looking For the Best Burkini in Kuwait?


There was a time when Muslim women craved to get into the striking blue waves of the beach. But that meant having to compromise on their dressing style as hijabs weren't the safest clothing for swimming. To address this concern, "Surlamer", a luxury burkini label was launched. The brand aims to celebrate every female figure while adhering to Muslim traditions. 

Burkini: Transforming Fashion Trends?

For Muslims, wearing clothes that cover every body part is a sign of faith and modesty. Thus, the "burkini" was born which is considered to be a swimming costume for Muslim women. The burkini covers the legs, arms and hair except for the face. Besides, it is made of light material which makes it perfect to wear as a beach costume.

It was designed to accord with Islamic traditions of modest dressing. The word "burkini" is a combination of two words - "burqa" and "bikini". It looks similar to a wetsuit with a swimming cap. The burkini is the ideal choice for women who want to be modest yet stylish. Furthermore, the clothing isn't restricted to Muslim women.

It can be worn by anyone who wants a simple and trendy look. Besides, it is the best choice for modest clothing fashion trends. Ever since the burkini came into the fashion scene, it transformed the trends. Women loved the elegant and chic look that the clothing offers. Thus, there was a spike in the sales leading to huge demand. 

Comfort & Style: The All-In-One Beachwear

It's time Muslim women enjoy the pleasures of beach vacations. And no clothing should restrict them from the same. That's why burkinis have changed the fashion industry! Women are always on the lookout for elegant, modest and trendy wear. And what better can it get than a burkini? Made with a lightweight material, the burkini offers comfort and style. It permits women to vacation at beaches without threatening their religious values. Fashion, comfort, and luxury are now within the reach of modern-day Muslim women. 

Make A Pick: Surlamer, Burkini Swimwear

In search of the best burkini in Kuwait? Head over to Surlamer where you can find stunning burkinis for your luxurious vacations. Embrace sophistication, class and elegance that celebrate every woman out there. Welcome to the new era where Muslim women have clothing choices. Pick from elegant and flattering burkini options at Surlamer. Our sole mission is to offer Muslim women stylish clothing that values their religion. Visit Surlamer now in order to find the trendy Swimwear Burkini in Kuwait at the best price! 

What Does Surlamer Have To Offer?

  • With a UV Protection of 50, prevent skin rashes and keeps you safe from the scorching heat.
  • Get full coverage with no comprise on Islam ethics.
  • Soft fabric that is stretchable and breathable
  • Quick-drying technology for comfort
  • To top it all, the burkinis are sea-water and chlorine resistant.

With the sun rising its temperatures, it's the perfect excuse to plan a beach getaway. Choose from Surlamer's exclusive collection of burkinis with impressive colours, patterns and textures. Get a flat 15% discount on your next purchase!

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