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Simple and Elegant: Sporty Style Burkini


Honestly, every woman wants to be independent in their dressing choice. Sadly, Muslim women confronted this struggle on a daily basis when religion always came across as an obstacle. It was soon to be solved… 

Released in 2014, Burkini, a ground-breaking costume, tends to soothe the lifelong taboo of ‘can’t try a swimming suit ’. A swimwear burkini— light in weight, covers the whole body, except the face, hands and feet. Burkinis are water-friendly, easy to wear, protect skin— eventually a sun-safe garment. 

It is specially designed for swimming or sports-related activities, have also stir non-Muslim communities. Many people find it as a bikini, but it hardly falls into it. According to many fashionistas, burkini seems to adhere to Muslim dressing codes. 

The awesome thing— Muslim women now can swim, enjoy the beach and even can participate in sports or swimming races. Now you may yearn for a sporty style burkini suit! Let’s take a glimpse at our top sporty style burkinis.

Simple and Elegant: Sporty Style Burkini 

Black Rose Burkini Swimwear 

This sporty style burkini is a whole answer to those who prefer simplicity and an energetic look. The burkini gets the best of its value for its simple black appearance. 

Lately, we have noticed this burkini come across as the most trending attire of models. The lead temptation of this swimwear lies in its line details on the lower part of the waist. However, the glamour of this burkini is— it makes anyone look thinner and classy.

This burkini is all the way black— containing tights, bonnet and tunic. This paired bonnet is slightly fluffy and utterly flattering. If you crave a celebrity look, this burkini is your ultimate match. 

Our turn: you can try this suit with a different colour bonnet. 

Yellow Striped Black Burkini

You are surely gonna fall into this swimwear— especially if you are a water-sport fan. However, it is the most affluent swimming attire to reflect your tender elegance. It is full-coverage swimwear, with two yellow stripes on the chest. This swimming suit is excellent for each kind of water-sports activity (e.g surfing). 

The Swimwear shows you to swim fast as the swimwear is super soft and water-friendly. One would notice its zipper detail on the front— it is a perfect opportunity for showcasing elegance and simplicity. 

Striped Black Burkini 

This sporty style burkini is all the way perfect for standing at the beachside for its ambushing style— it makes you feel much more confident. It surely answers your femininity if you shrink the waist slightly. It illuminates the aura of comfort and luxury. 

A glance— it has a zipper on the front which looks a pretty comfortable fit for daily use. Afterwards, praise its structure that never tightens your body. It means you can spend the whole day next to the beachside. 

What we have to say: you can wear this burkini with a scarf instead of a bonnet— it can nourish the atmosphere. 

Surlamer is a swimwear brand exclusively dedicated to Muslim women. Our mission is to give freedom to women to show their authenticity, femininity by choosing a wide array of personal and conservative styles. 

We offer high-quality swimwear pieces that maintain high standards, originality, and a sense of creativity. Our product lines protect your skin from harsh UV exposure.

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