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Top 5 Beautiful Islamic Swimming Costumes For Women

Choosing swimwear to express authenticity and a sense of freedom seemed like a nightmare for Muslim women when fashion is all about ‘exposing out’. It was hard to find attires that answered modesty. Heartfelt thanks to Aheda Zanetti, who ever came up with a swimwear called burkini. The sensation seemed not to end there, designers all over the world have now taken ‘modest fashion’ for granted. 

Burkini, which is a ground-breaking innovation towards the modest swimwear category, has been embraced by other faith groups, including Orthodox Jewish and Mormon women. It now turns out Muslim-American women purchased burkini from Muslim-majority countries such as Turkey, Egypt etc.

How Were The Situations Before The Creation Of Burkini?

According to a report on HuffPost, Manar Hussain (27), who grew up in Ventor (state with over 40 breaches), had been intimidated to shower on beaches—like other Muslim women. Eventually, it led her to discontinue swimming for a longer period. According to her, she was utterly humiliated or kicked out from pools for wearing Hijab as the protesters could not accept it for being unhygienic and unsanitary.

The setting has quite changed by now. Lately, putting aside her fear, she has found wearing a burkini, paired with black leggings, topped with a built-in black hijab.

What Does Muslim Women Feel About Swimming Costumes?

Most Muslim women like to synonyms ‘swimming suit’ as burkini. For them, burkini is rather a clothing suit but a symbol of freedom for women. Burkinis were earlier used for sports-related activities. But now, with the diverse array of burkinis, Muslim women are ready to flatter summers by the beaches or pools. 

Do you know, burkinis are also made for kids to express freedom from childhood.

Top 5 Beautiful Islamic Swimming Costumes For Women


The brand, ‘Sofia’ shows an exclusive fashion statement towards Muslim women. Its wide spectrum of swimwear features modesty in its peek and thus never fails to simplicity in style. The design of each swimwear is flattering to maintain your natural femininity. 


Urging you to outburst your vibrant statement, Raya could be your go-to outfit anytime. Its diverse array of comfy swimsuits feels like a second skin, features gracefulness and equally satisfies every occasion. Its top radiant swimwear option pushes you to spend near the beachside in style. 


Asra crowned its victory for its rigorous designs that truly set to make your impressions behind— clearly enough to leave your feminine beauty. Its top creation marks a contrast neck panel and elegant swim cap that happens to complement any swimming suit


Alayana’s well-crafted swimming suits have their highest rank in sports fashion. For a sec, you can skip the beach walk for the sake of featuring your inner beauty with their flattering outfits. Alayana’s inner layer bodysuit must be on your wishlist! 


Lyra contains a diverse range of specially designed swimsuits where comfort is the priority. Lyra’s apparels allow you to be confident by choosing its unlimited clothing lines. Lyra’s collection values your natural femininity and thrives to make your fashion statement. Its exclusive Muslim swimming suits are made with the highest quality fabrics, are lightweight and protect against UV rays. 

Surlamer is a swimwear brand exclusively dedicated to Muslim women. Our mission is to give freedom to women to show their authenticity, femininity by choosing a wide array of personal and conservative styles. 

We offer high-quality swimwear pieces that maintain high standards, originality, and a sense of creativity. Our product lines protect your skin from harsh UV exposure.

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