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Wondering How to Make Your Swimwear Burkini Rock? Read This!


With the weather showing no mercy on its people, the beaches have been flocked by crowds. However, Muslim women have never been able to enjoy the beauty of the beaches to their full extent. The reason being hijabs are restrictive and not the best choice for swimwear.

Also, they aren't considered safe for water sports activities as well. Muslim women have always been looking for comfort wear to beaches or pools. They wished for something that is stylish yet values their traditional ethics. That's how a burkini came into the forefront. 

What's The Hype With Hijab Beachwear?

A hijab beachwear is also known as a "burkini" which is a full-body suit for Muslim women. The clothing can be worn as active wear as well. The swimwear burkini covers the entire body except for the face. Thus, it is the perfect choice to wear to beaches.

Muslim women won't have to compromise on their faith while being able to actively involve themselves in beach sports. With several women applauding the idea, the burkini sales took off. Women started adopting the new style of beachwear with confidence.

The credit to the idea of burkini goes to Aheda Zanetti who invented the clothing in 2004. The main aim was to accommodate Muslim women who wished to partake in beach activities. With the rising demand, many brands came up with burkini for sale. 

Why Burkini Is Changing The Beach Scene?

Beachwear should not just be elegant and fashionable, but also aim for comfort. And that is what exactly hijab beachwear offers. With a slew of fashion trends in the industry, this one too gained an immense response from Muslim women. The burkini respects Islamic traditions. At the same time, it allows women to experience beaches differently.

Modern-day Muslim women are bold and confident. And today, there is something that personifies that attitude. With the entry of the burkini, there are many brands out there that deal with exquisite collections. One such brand is Surlamer that delivers excellence in every piece. Getaway to your favourite beaches and engage in beach activities with stunning clothing choices. 

Think Beachwear? Here's Burkini for Sale

Welcome to Surlamer where excellence meets style. The exclusive brand of the burkini has comfort beachwear for women. Its high time Muslim women get to experience the thrills of the beach and participate in activities. All without having to worry about their clothing. That's why Burkini is the best style statement for every female figure out there.

Shop from a variety of colours, textures and patterns available in numerous sizes. Add a dash of elegance to your beachwear with the exquisite collections of Surlamer. Augmented with several features, this swimwear burkini is the ideal choice for your vacations. Choose from modern, stylish and beachwear hijab beachwear.

Irresistible Benefits Shopping From Surlamer:

  • UV protection of 50
  • Sea Water & Chlorine Resistant
  • Full Body Coverage
  • Smooth Fabric
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable & Stretchable
  • Numerous Styles, Patterns and Textures

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